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Geschichten und Märchen von Island - Afrika


Bullinger Briefwechsel - elektronische Ausgabe

Der Briefwechsel des Zürcher Reformators Heinrich Bullinger (1504-1575), des Nachfolgers von Huldrych Zwingli, ...


Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie

ca. 27'000 Biographien von Künstlern, Wissenschaftlern und Militärpersonen


Marx und Bakunin

Autor: Fritz Brupbacher (1874 - 1944), Zürcher Arbeiterarzt


Scanner - OpticBook A300


The perfect solution for scanning books and magazines

The scanning of books has become in recent years an important process. Especially under the aspect that information has to be made available quickly and easily to everyone, makes the digitization of large sizes also becoming increasingly important. The OpticBook A300 has been conceived and designed to meet these requirements.

The OpticBook A300 is a USB 2.0 scanner that can scan an A3 page at 300 dpi in color in incredible 2.48 seconds. The scan results are characterized by their high quality and can be stored in various formats. Together with the comprehensive software package for image and document processing you can easily create PDFs or OCR from scans.

The OpticBook A300 scans a large book very gently, without damaging the binding or the spine. So even sensitive and valuable books can be digitized easily.

ARPA comment:
Negative point: continuous operation of the scanner occasionally (slowly) loses the color calibration. It must be re-calibrated automatically.

Additional software
ARPA provides arpaScan as additional software that optimizes the book and magazine production.