Bullinger's Correspondence - electronical edition

Correspondence of the Zurich reformator Heinrich Bullinger (1504-1575), the successor of Huldrych Zwingli, ..., German


Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie

ca. 27'000 Biographies of artists, scientists and military personnel, German


Marx and Bakunin - Marx und Bakunin

Author: Fritz Brupbacher (1874 - 1944), workers doctor, Zurich, German


Der Freisinnige

Freiburger politische Blätter,
1. März-25. Juli 1832, Nr. 1-145, German


The great Swiss peasant war 1653 - Der grosse Schweizerische Bauernkrieg 1653

Author: Hans Mühlestein, 1887 - 1969, Swiss art historian and writer, German


VOLAG System AG - Partner Portrait


VOLAG System AG, founded in 1998, in Switzerland, is one of the leading solution provider of future-oriented products and services in the cleantech respectively M2M market.

The successful customer solutions of VOLAG System AG are used in electricity and logistics for mobile and Internet-based meter reading and control (smart energy) and in organizations with external services for "real-time" management and reporting (Mobile Workforce Management).

VOLAG has evolved over the last few years, making use of current best technological tools together with the target market and its partners (including ARPA Data GmbH) continuously developed and is now in Switzerland, one of the market leaders regarding comprehensive planning, mobile data acquisition and optimization solutions.

VOLAG solutions are specifically tailored to industry business models and processes. The industry standard in commonly accepted organizational characteristics and standards are included in the system solutions.
Many standard features of the VOLAG solution platforms support the user along their value chain.

Information can be obtained from arpa, or directly at VOLAG System AG >>