Bullinger's Correspondence - electronical edition

Correspondence of the Zurich reformator Heinrich Bullinger (1504-1575), the successor of Huldrych Zwingli, ..., German


Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie

ca. 27'000 Biographies of artists, scientists and military personnel, German


Marx and Bakunin - Marx und Bakunin

Author: Fritz Brupbacher (1874 - 1944), workers doctor, Zurich, German


Der Freisinnige

Freiburger politische Blätter,
1. März-25. Juli 1832, Nr. 1-145, German


The great Swiss peasant war 1653 - Der grosse Schweizerische Bauernkrieg 1653

Author: Hans Mühlestein, 1887 - 1969, Swiss art historian and writer, German


PaperIn Book

PaperIn Book is a universal tool for capturing and structuring of printed texts. The following is a brief overview with a selection of key elements.

1. Step:

Aligning and cutting the paper side, and marking the text to be read.


2. Step:

Not validated words of the ocred text are highlighted in red read word boxes.

Different versions for correction are available:
  1. Not validated word boxes are accessed and opened for correction
  2. Various combinations of letters can be defined and can be jumped for control purposes, examples: 
    • capital letters within the word
    • unclosed parentheses
    • three character words
    • not address the validation criteria
    • and much more ...
If the text must be read, the line can be split; the text can be read and corrected by persond not knowing the language.
A popular variant of correction is to create a word list. It displays only the unknown words; additionally words can be classified in order to allow a later query which individuals or regions are contained in an article.

Manuscripts can be easily transcribed.

With PaperIn Book you also open up old manuscripts. With one click, a segment is created around the word and transcribed the word into the box.

The further procedure is the same as with printed documents.

PaperIn is able to read mixed fonts; e.g. Latin/Fraktur (marked in red), and old Latin writings. Similarly, in a document can be detected mixed German, French, Italian and English.

Data of PaperIn can be located on a PC locally or on a server. PaperIn can also be configured in remote mode as a home office. This is particularly advantageous for manuscripts.
Even with projects such as newspapers the interested population can be addressed for the correction.

With the arpa PaperIn system documents can always be revised and if necessary pages replaced and subsequently made ​​corrections.


3. Step:

Freely definable project-based XML structure that enables to control using indexation desired areas in search queries; for example: it is an article with a biographical text.