ARPA Software - PaperIn

With PaperIn you capture unstructured and structured documents in order to put them in your computing environment for various further processing or to publish with the arpaBrowser.

        arpaScan  (Software for table book scanner)

      To create with the commercially available small book scanners quickly and in good quality images, we have developed an optimized
        software for book and document scanners. Our key elements are
  • permanent control of scan, which outputs a warning if the contrast or brightness breaks out,
  • user-friendly file naming,
  • own keys to trigger scans as Asian scanner manufacturers do not allow interference with their hardware, 
  • trigger using the voice command to scan, thus leaving both hands free.


The product family PaperIn includes three main branches:

  1. PaperIn Book
    Page segmentation, OCR of Fraktur and Latin fonts, OCR of different languages ​​on one page, text control/correction and export to TXT, PDF, XML, etc. for further text processing,
  2. PaperIn Index
    Index management, macro-cross-linking, publishing of printed documents such as books, magazines, newspapers with application-specific search options
  3. arpaBrowser
    Provides reclaimed documents to the user as an application on the desktop or on the Web.